Types Of Lupus

Lupus is a disease that afflicts the immune system. It can take different forms and can affect different parts of the body. In lupus often the immune system attacks healthy tissues and cells. So this can cause harm to the skin, lungs, heart, joints, brain and the kidney. There are different types of lupus that can affect different individuals in different ways.

One of the types of lupus includes systemic lupus erythematosus. This can affect different parts in the body including the skin, organs, blood vessels and joints. In systemic lupus erythematosus the patients may experience extreme fatigue, painful and swollen joints, fever and rashes as well. In this condition the symptoms may be experienced intermittently and may be mild in degree and severe in some other cases.

Systemic lupus erythematosus can be diagnosed with the anti nuclear antibody blood test. This test is accompanied with a physical examination of the symptoms of the patient along with other laboratory tests. Other types of lupus include drug induced lupus, discoid lupus and neonatal lupus. In drug induced lupus symptoms of lupus are observed but these are brought on because of intake of certain kinds of drugs over a period of time.

The problems and symptoms associated with drug induced lupus can be reversed by discontinuing the drugs that cause the symptoms. The drugs primarily responsible for development of symptoms include procainamide, quinidine and hydralazine. Drug induced lupus is observed in individuals who are treated for conditions such as hypertension, thyroid disease, heart problems and other neuropsychiatric conditions.

Among the different types of lupus discoid lupus is different from the systemic kind based on the severity of the rashes. In this condition inflammatory sores are seen on the ears, face, scalp along with the other body areas in the patient. Such lesions can result in a scar. In some cases lesions and resulting scarring is observed to occur on the scalp and this can make growth of hair seem impossible.

Neonatal lupus is also one of the types of lupus and this condition is a temporary condition that affects the newborn child or the fetus. This condition can be observed in cases where the autoantibodies of the mother are passed to the child. Such autoantibodies can adversely affect the heart, skin and the baby’s blood as well. Neonatal lupus can be seen to appear after birth and may last for a period of several months.