Lupus Rash

Lupus includes a number of symptoms and different patients of this disease experience these symptoms in differing intensities. Lupus basically affects the immune system and this causes the immune system to produce antibodies that attack the healthy tissues and body cells. This problem with the immune system can result in a number of problems like lupus rash and internal disorders like heart problems, kidney disease and problems with the nervous system.

Lupus rash is characterized with redness in the cheek areas and this is called malar blush or rash. This rash can be seen in both discoid as well as systemic forms of this disease. In fact this rash is often one of the first signs of this disease. Other symptoms associated with this disease may come and go but it is rather difficult to manage this rash as it can be persistent and quite difficult to overcome.

In as many as 90% of people suffering from lupus some sort of a skin rash may be involved. However these skin symptoms are commonly seen in white people, more so than in people belonging to African American communities. In discoid lupus the red skin patches along with the scaliness can result in scarring. In some cases the lupus rash is shaped as a butterfly and can be seen on both the cheeks across the bridge of a person’s nose. Such a lesion can be seen after exposure to sun and can last from a few days to a few weeks and it can heal without any scarring.

Discoid lupus erythmatosus involves lupus rash that can be seen on the face, the ears and the scalp. In the beginning the lesions may be elevated papules and plaques that eventually become raised and bright red. Later the centre of such lesions becomes depressed and the color fades and atrophy can be observed. The lesions may heal along with scarring and hypo pigmentation or hyper pigmentation may also be observed

Lupus rash may also appear in the form of deep nodules where the lesion is located underneath the skin within the subcutaneous tissue. Such a rash heals with atrophy of the area. In some cases the rash is characterized with the presence of blisters that contain a fluid that is clear. The blisters may be between 3 to around 40 mm in diameter. Such a rash can be seen on exposure to the sun. The lesions in this case may resolve without scarring.