Lupus Pictures

Lupus disease is a problematic condition in which the immune system attacks the tissue and cells in the body instead of attacking any germs. This causes swelling, inflammation and other problems can also be observed in this disease. Lupus also causes skin problems and lupus pictures can be one of the ways in which this disease and its symptoms can be identified.

Lupus rash is commonly experienced in this disease and lupus pictures can help in identifying the symptoms and the form of lupus. This rash can be mild in some cases and severe in other cases. Systemic lupus and discoid lupus are the two types that affect the skin. Such a rash may be seen in areas of the arms, scalp, face, back and chest as well.

Lupus pictures of rash indicate that systemic lupus is characterized with the appearance of a butterfly shaped rash. Such a rash can be seen to be distributed across the cheeks and the nose as well. Such a rash may appear on the scalp, neck and some other areas as well. The rash in lupus often can become aggravated because of ultraviolet rays.

Lupus pictures also help in increasing awareness about this condition. In discoid lupus the butterfly rash may include raised and sharply demarcated plaques that include central atrophy and follicular plugging. In the initial stages the rash may appear as nonscaling, prominent and intermittent erythema that is limited to the area of lower half of the nose and may include the chin, the cheeks and the central forehead.

Lupus pictures also show that the rash may appear to be greasy, scaling and with papules that are varied in size on the bridge of the person’s nose or on the cheeks. Other associated signs that can be identified from the pictures include fissures and crusts, redness, pruritus, severe acne along with oily skin.

While the pictures can help identify the condition, the person suffering from lupus may also experience joint pain, deformities and stiffness, facial edema, fatigue, nausea, weight loss, anorexia, vomiting and fever along with malaise.