Lupus Information

Lupus is a painful and problematic autoimmune disease in which the immune system is incapable of differentiating between the healthy tissues and cells and any foreign substances. Due to this the immune system creates antibodies that are directed against cells and tissues that are healthy. Lupus information and research indicates that such a problem in the immune system causes injury in the tissues along with inflammation and pain.

Lupus information reveals that this problem can affect in varying degrees in different people. In some cases it can affect the skin, blood, joints, lungs and even the kidneys. In lupus the patients tend to suffer from many flare ups from time to time. There are three kinds of lupus which include systemic lupus, discoid lupus and drug induced lupus. Systemic lupus is a relatively severe form of lupus and can affect the organs of the body. Discoid lupus is characterized by the appearance of a rash particularly on the neck, face and the scalp. Drug induced lupus is seen to occur following the use of certain kinds of drugs. Lupus information indicates that the exact cause for the occurrence of lupus is not known.

Lupus information throws light on the symptoms that are observed in this illness or condition. These symptoms may include slight fever, joint pain and inflammation in the joints, skin rashes, anemia, and sensitivity towards light, hair loss, fatigue, nose or mouth ulcers, sensitivity towards light and even seizures.

The butterfly rash is classically observed among people suffering from lupus. Hives can also be seen in some cases and also other symptoms where the fingers of the person turn white and then bluish when subjected to stress, vibration or cold. Joint pain, muscle ache and hair loss is quite common among those suffering from lupus. Inflammation of the sac that surrounds the heart is also seen in some cases. Lupus information indicates that lupus nephritis may also be observed in some cases.

Treatment of lupus includes taking medication so as to reduce any inflammation. Medicines are also taken to minimize other symptoms such a joint pain. Along with anti inflammatory drugs in some cases anti malarial drugs and immunosuppressive drugs may also be taken. Lupus information indicates that women are more likely to develop this condition as compared to men. Likewise individuals belonging to certain communities like African American and Latin communities are more likely to experience this condition.

Some factors that could contribute to the development of this disease include genetic factors, consumption of certain medications, exposure to sun, estrogen, infection and even stress. The best way to tackle this condition is to regularly follow the medical treatment that is advised. Likewise a balanced diet plan should also be followed along with moderate exercise. Information about this condition indicates that as many as 16000 people in America develop this condition every year.