Lupus Foundation

Lupus is a debilitating and painful condition and there is no complete cure for this illness. In lupus the immune system in a person’s body mistakenly attacks healthy tissue and cells and this causes a lot of problems such as skin rashes, inflammation of tissue, joint pain and kidney and heart problems in some cases. Lupus can be managed with treatment and lifestyle changes. Lupus foundation is a non-profit organization that aims to provide support to lupus sufferers and also conducts research in this area.

The Lupus foundation in America was started in 1977 and is a voluntary organization that is formed so as to find the cause for this illness along with a cure. It also provides a platform on which those suffering from lupus can come together and seek support. It also provides other services to those affected with this painful condition.

The lupus foundation also has a network of multiple chapters and also supports groups all over the country. The aim of this foundation and its chapters is to advocate for more private sector as well as public sector support towards research on this condition. The foundation also aims to translate the findings of the research in information that can be accessed by families, health professionals and physicians.

Lupus foundation also aims to increase the public awareness about this condition and how it impacts people. The foundation also brings together a group of patients and the caregivers and helps them to create a healthy support group. It also brings together a wide array of individuals such as researches, officials, clinicians, policy makers, other organizations and industry leaders along with patients for discussion.

The foundation also aims to increase the speed of research on this condition. The individuals in this foundation also work towards development of effective and safe treatments by seeking investments and also by collaborating with biotechnology and pharmaceutical industries. It also plays an important role in giving information and generating awareness about this condition and how it affects people as well as their families.

The lupus foundation also aims to seek increased funding by the government so that the funds can be used for further research. One of the jobs of the foundation is also to translate the research findings into information that can be properly transmitted for the use of health professionals and physicians. One of the jobs of the foundation is to address this condition and its associated problems at all levels such as local, state and national levels.